Emotional Expression

People suffering from trauma and having eating disorders, alcohol addictions, and substance addictions are closely correlated. Many studies have shown that people who struggle with eating disorders, substance abuse, alcohol use, and drug use, self-harming, and gambling have a higher incidence of physical and emotional neglect and sexual abuse. In particular, binge-eating disorders and compulsive eating disorders have been connected to emotional abuse, and males with eating disorders have been correlated with sexual abuse. Individuals with an underlying trauma may experience chronic relapses into eating, alcohol, and substance abuse disorders with repeated.

hospitalizations due to many programs and professionals who do not have the knowledge or understanding of the issues related to successful recovery treatment. Many of the programs are referred to as “Patient Mills” that focus on monetary issues of expensive urine testing, groups that have no real benefit, and providers that focus on medications as opposed to real outcomes. These relapses are often blamed on the addictive disorders or one’s body until the underlying trauma or core issues are addressed.

This is why the use of integrative therapies, especially a creative therapy approach, is essential. For many finding or saying the right words may prove hard. The human mind is complex. A traumatic childhood can manifest itself in many different ways in later years. Recovery can be challenging with long-term consequences.

We guide and help you use integrative creative therapy in a safe and supportive therapeutic environment. You use creativity to explore your thoughts and sensations as you work to identify and regulate feelings of distress. Creativity facilitates the development of new insight and associations between eating disorders, alcohol addictions, and substance addictions surrounding past experiences.

Once your issues are identified and treated simultaneously, you accept and define abstinence as a lasting recovery is more than possible—IT HAPPENS.