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We Treat Alcoholism at WD Recovery and Wellness Center

Alcohol Addiction is a complex issue characterized by intense and at times, uncontrollable cravings and controlling thoughts. The cravings, along with compulsive alcohol seeking and use that persist despite devastating consequences. Most addictive alcohol behavior is not related to either physical tolerance or exposure to triggers. People commonly use alcohol compulsively in reaction to stress. Alcohol Addiction is when you drink alcohol that can be pleasurable but the continuation of your drinking which becomes compulsive interfering with daily responsibilities such as work, relationships, and your health. Most people with an alcohol addiction may not be aware that their behavior is out of control.

WD Recovery and Wellness Center understands how the path to alcohol addiction begins with the thoughts to drink alcohol so you can quiet or numb your brain “feeling normal” or ok. The alcohol numbs the bad images or feelings from past experiences so the post traumatic images and associated feelings are forgotten, not seen or felt, or favorable emotions come from the alcohol to feel more intense. Most alcohol use becomes a Band-Aid that covers up all the pain, painful images, and abuse and over time individuals lose the ability to choose not to drink and think, “this is the way it is and I am broken.”

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