Creative Expression

Creative therapies are an integral component of WD Recovery and Wellness Centers’ treatment. For many individuals, the spoken word may not be enough to completely express what they have been experiencing. Fear of not being understood or reluctance to speak what has been viewed as unspeakable can damper self-exploration. Through creative therapies, individuals are provided an opportunity for expression, explanation, and resolution in a non-verbal format. In addition, creative therapies often open up a window to awareness and insight into areas that the individual may not already understand. Through different mediums such as art, dance, music, movement, role-playing, and recreation, our clients experience alternate methods of self-expression in a safe and non-confrontational manner.

“Why I Want Recovery”
I want life, not this death
that I have lived in
I want peace, and not anxiety
I want health and strength,
not weakening and decay
I want to receive what I am given,
and not regurgitate
be it food, friends, compliments
gifts or gaiety

I want to nourish my body
and nourish my soul
I want to love myself
so that others I can love
I want to clearly see myself
so the world I can make out
I want to tell the truth
and stop living in this lie
I want to stand up for myself
and not to compromise

I want to feel to dream, to try
and not hold back, restrict
and die
No longer wish I to deny
myself the chance to learn
to fly
I want to be free just to be me
to comprehend serenity
That’s why I want recovery